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Pool is a popular Art game that analyzes the precision of the individual who plays it, it is composed of hitting a ball with the tip of a billiard cue using all the goal of this ball transferring its kinetic power into another to a few chunks, at the same time, in order to attain a carom or maybe to insert at least one of them into the pockets or even pockets from the desk.

It is usually Practiced two players and also the first to receive all the caroms created or present the best selection of balls from the pockets, would be the winner. You can find various kinds of swimming pool games, therefore there are also different types of tables, even using special dimensions and faculties.

Carom billiards will be Played on a rectangular green pool cues and has no pockets. By comparison, the billiard with pockets, known as pool or American billiards, and also the dining table includes 6 pocketsin the corners and 2 to the upper sides of the desk.

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